Application for Voting Membership

Any firm, partnership or corporation actively engaged in the business of servicing, both on site and in the shop, commercial foodservice equipment (i.e., repairing, maintaining and providing replacement parts and accessories for foodservice equipment commonly found in restaurants, Institutions, Health Care, Hospitals, Government and Corporate Food Service Operations) shall be eligible for membership as a Voting Member of this association, provided that: (i) the firm, partnership or corporation, or its designated representative, has a minimum of three (3) years’ experience servicing commercial foodservice equipment; (ii) the firm has a current written service agreement with at least five (5) manufacturers of foodservice equipment, or represent five (5) manufacturers offoodservice equipment through a subagent agreement with the manufacturer’s authorized service agency; (iii) the firm’s primary purpose of existence is the distribution of quality parts and service in the commercial food industry; (iv) majority ownership of the firm is not held by any restauranteur or other foodservice facility which could qualify for another membership category and that 75% of the member’s business be derived from parts and service; (v)the firm maintains its business in a recognized commercial facility which allows for walk-in trade; (vi) the firm is recommended by a current Voting Member in good standing.

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List five manufacturers of commercial food service equipment you have written service contracts with or service through a subagent agreement.
(Please include the scanned contracts with application)
Dues and Fees: An application fee of $250.00 must be submitted to Lisa Walker (Accounting Administrator) at In addition, it is mandatory that all branch locations be listed in the annual membership directory as Branch Members and paid for at $170.00 per location. Please attach a list of these other locations and submit with this application. Membership dues for Voting Members are pro-rated according to the date of membership approval.