Magazine Article Submission

2020 Editorial Submissions Calendar

March/April: Channel Communication
Advertising Deadline: 1/25/20
Article Submission Deadline: 2/1/20
Final Draft to Print: 2/22/20

May/June: Safety
Advertising Deadline: 3/27/20
Article Submission Deadline: 4/3/20
Final Draft to Print: 4/24/20

July/August: Industry Trends/Regulations
Advertising Deadline: 5/27/20
Article Submission Deadline: 6/3/20
Final Draft to Print: 6/24/20

September/October: Membership Education on the Industry
Advertising Deadline: 7/29/20
Article Submission Deadline: 8/5/20
Final Draft to Print: 8/26/20

November/December: Year in Review/Forecast 2021
Advertising Deadline: 9/27/20
Article Submission Deadline: 10/4/20
Final Draft to Print: 10/25/20

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CFESA Magazine welcomes writing from all our members. We encourage the thinkers and practitioners in the industry to get published!

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See Submission Guideline section below for details.

Print Submission Guidelines:

CFESA Magazine welcomes writing from all our members. We encourage the thinkers and practitioners in the industry to get published!
Articles must be given within a timely matter and are allowed to be original works or ones previously posted on blogs, websites,or newsletters. Content submissions can be in a variety of forms. They may be feature articles, tips & hints, motivational articles, articles about best practices or industry trends.

1. Feature articles must be 200 words or less; other articles must be 100 words or less. For special submissions content of under 500 words may be considered.

2. Only submissions from original authors are accepted. By submitting this material, you have acknowledged that the material is legal and can be. Such articles, if interpreted as advertisements, will not be accepted. However, you may place a brief resource box and contact information (but no ads) at theend of your article. Please also specify if you wish to have your e-mail included for readers’ response.

3. A copywriter can be provided to help write your article. If you would like a writer, please indicate so in the Article Submission Form at the top of this page or email Olivia Mei. If you submit your own article, after the article is received, it may be revised before publishing, but not without your final approval.

4. Submissions may or may not be used. It is the sole discretion of CFESA Magazine’s editorial staff to publish any material. You will be notified in writing if your article will be published and in which edition.

5. Submitted articles must be vendor neutral to maintain the integrity of the magazine. While limited references to your organization and products may be accepted, promotion and sale references are not.

For additional information about our guidelines, please email Olivia Mei.