Thank you for your interest in joining a CFESA committee! As a CFESA member, you may apply for official membership in any of the committees listed below. Please review committee mission statements, meeting times, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about serving on a committee.

Membership FAQs

Who are our CFESA committee members?

We are honored to have many great CFESA volunteers that serve on our committees. They are all great individuals that possess many great qualities such as Leadership, Diversity, Communication Skills, Responsibility, Loyalty and Strategic Thinking.

What kind of commitment does serving on a committee entail?

Involvement Timeline: Commitment is one calendar year that starts at the committee meetings held at CFESA’s annual conference. You may serve on a committee for multiple years, but you must re-apply at the end of your 1-year term.


Time Commitment:  In addition to participating in meetings held during CFESA’s annual conference, we expect you to participate in monthly conference calls. You may also have to invest some additional time on a monthly basis depending on the committee that you serve.

What is an “Official” committee member?

An “Official” committee member is someone that has completed an application and was approved to join a committee to help execute its projects and goals.

How many “Official” members on a committee?

There will be 20 official members on each committee.

What kind of leadership opportunities are available on a committee?

Each committee has great leadership opportunities such as serving as a Co-Chair for a 2-year term.

How does the application process work to become an “Official” committee member?

You will need to complete the application and select your first and second committee choices. The board liaisons will review committee applications and will approve you for a committee based on your skill set and on availability of your first and second choices. Once the board liaisons approve you to serve on a committee, the Co-Chairs will contact you to provide you with committee details.

If I want to attend committee meetings during the annual conference but I am not an official committee member, will the Co-Chairs allow me to attend the meetings?

Yes, Co-Chairs will allow members to attend any of the committee meetings.

CFESA Committee Mission Statements

Education Training Committee

To promote and provide foodservice industry professionals with high quality education and training.
Meetings are Third Thursday of Every Month at 10am EST

Marketing Committee

To promote CFESA’s brand to the foodservice industry.
Meetings are Fourth Tuesday of Every Month at 1pm EST

Membership Services Committee

To identify needs and develop programs that add value to CFESA members.
Meetings are Fourth Thursday of Every Month at 10am EST

YPC Mission

To provide resources and foster relationships among the young professionals in the foodservice industry that help them develop into the leaders of tomorrow.
Meetings are Third Thursday of Every Month at 3pm EST

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*  Remember You must be a CFESA member to join a CFESA committee.