Founders & Charter Members


A special note of thanks to the following founders and charter members who had the foresight and commitment to establish CFESA:

  • Rudy Dauber Dauber & Sons Washington, D.C.
  • Peter Di Pirro Pete Di Pirro Company Boston, Massachusetts
  • Spark L. Dixon K & D Service Company Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  • William T. Eichenauer Eichenauer Services Inc Decatur, Illinois
  • Benjamin Hibble Hibble Electric Hartford, Connecticut
  • Jack C. Hudgins Old Dominion Service Norfolk, Virginia
  • Harry R. Kauffman Electric Motor Repair Company Baltimore, Maryland
  • Denton T. Lintz Electric Repair Reading, Pennsylvania
  • Ruth Lippert Lippert Appliance Service Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Otho E. McComb Midwest Appliance Service Columbus, Ohio
  • Philip Schoenberger Utilities Maintenance Detroit, Michigan
  • John J. Shea Ace Service Company Boston, Massachusetts
  • Elmer O. Schultz Elmer Schultz Services Inc Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Nathan Uretsky Acme American Repair New York City, New York

CFESA Founders and Charter Members