March Field Notes

CFESA Technician Career Path Assets

The CFESA Education training committee has completed the creation of a technician career path template to assist with the onboarding and training of new technicians as they transition through their careers. Companies may utilize this document as is or edit and add it to their current protocol. The committee is working on stage 2 of the project, adding support links and reference materials. You may find this document in your member dashboard under the folders section.

If you do not know who in your company can access the membership dashboard or require assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Charlie Williams at

CFESA Service Hero Toolbox Podcast

During this CFESA Service Hero Toolbox Podcast episode, CFESA President Nick Cribb and CFESA Director Josh Zolin connect with Maureen Azzato, Field Service USA. Learn more about Maureen Azzato, what she does for Field Service USA, and their upcoming conference!

With Special Guest:

Maureen Azzato

Field Service USA

The Spring 2023 CFESA Service Heroes/Support Heroes Scholarships are now LIVE!

The Scholarships are now LIVE. March 1st, 2023 – July 1st, 2023. Even if you have applied before, you can apply again! Apply today!

Technicians are a vital part of our industry – they keep kitchens up and running. However, entire teams are supporting them in the background that are so important, too! The committee has decided to give one scholarship per term to a support staff member to give them the resources to further develop their careers.

*We are offering two $2500 Service Heroes Scholarships for technicians (with the $1500 AllPoints sponsored tools bonus) and one $2500 Support Heroes Scholarship for the support staff per term.

Thank you, Auston Mealer’s Restaurant Equipment Service, EMR – Electric Motor Repair Company, Davisware, Windy City Equipment, and Roopairs Technologies, Inc., for Sponsoring one of the Service Hero Scholarships.

Members on the Move

Congratulations Adam and Bill from EMR on their new roles!

Adam Armistead, EMR,  Service Manager, Eastern Shore/Southern VA

Bill Hickman, EMR,  Salisbury Operations Manager


Technician Certifications February 2023

  • Atech Inc
  • CES Cooking Equipment Specialist LLC
  • Clark Service Group
  • Commercial Appliance Parts & Service
  • CSI Coker Service Inc
  • CSI Commercial Services Inc
  • Dexterra Integrated Facilities Management
  • EMR Service
  • Jenson Refrigeration Inc
  • Johnson Mechanical Service Inc
  • Key Food Equipment Services
  • Parts Town
  • RSI Refrigerated Specialist Inc
  • Smart Care Equipment Solutions
  • Whaley Food Service

Upcoming 2023 CFESA Training Courses

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New Tech Training (NTT)
4/17 – 4/21

5/8 – 5/13

New Tech Training (NTT)
6/12 – 6/17

Click Here to view all 2023 CFESA Training Courses.

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