CFESA Cares continues based on Your support.

What is CFESA Cares?

The recipient of the charitable support and service will be given a list of CFESA members who have chosen to participate in the program. The end user can call whichever CFESA member company he or she chooses. We would recommend that the end user try to work with all members on the list. Within the geographical location of the recipient’s facility, CFESA member companies will be notified in advance of their opportunity to participate in the program. CFESA members, upon completion of the repair will submit an invoice to CFESA Headquarters for reimbursement. CFESA Headquarters staff will keep track of the allocated funds until funds are exhausted. CFESA Headquarters will then direct the recipient facility to their ongoing options of CFESA member companies for ongoing maintenance and support.

How long has CFESA Cares been around?

  • In 2012 CFESA Partnered with RFMA and donated $10,000 to the RFMA Gives program
  • In 2013 CFESA established CFESA Cares charity program
  • In 2014 CFESA Cares initiates “Boots on the Ground” campaign utilizing different regions as operating centers