AP News features CFESA President Kirby Mallon

“Things exploded — it was like a light switch,” said Kirby Mallon, president of Elmer Schultz Services, a family-owned Philadelphia firm that repairs and maintains kitchen equipment for restaurants and other clients. “The labor market is just out of control. We literally cannot hire technicians … We ramped up so quickly, the supply chain wasn’t ready for it.”

CFESA President Kirby Mallon speaks to the importance of knowing the hierarchy when it comes to communication. We are living in a new world in which offices are becoming obsolete. How can teams effectively communicate if they are never together? Zoom and Slack are excellent tools, but they don’t replicate all the advantages of being together. What strategies, tools, and techniques work to be a highly effective communicator, even if you are not in the same space? 

CNBC features CFESA President Kirby Mallon

CFESA President, Kirby Mallon empathizes with restaurant owners on the return to “normalcy”.  “We cannot get any quality people to hire,” Mallon said. “That has always been a problem in the industry, but it is absolutely the most critical issue right now. We cannot even find people that we can train.”

CFESA President Kirby Mallon discusses restaurants coming back online following the pandemic-related shutdowns. In addition to a few thoughts on bringing more techs into the service field.