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Cloud-based knowledge management.
Comprehensive, interactive, voice-led e-Courses augment your hands-on equipment training programs.
Targeted, animated e-Course solutions for specific equipment troubleshooting or installation training.
Score-carding on your own in-house platform or host with Ignitor on our LMS.

Interactive Training

  • ProTech on-boarding course and exam covers equipment fundamentals to ensure hands-on training doesn’t include butts in the chair time.

Targeted Training

  • MicroTech troubleshooting modules capture  in 15-60 seconds troubleshooting metrics.
  • PocketTech courses refresh hands-on training with point of service field reference.

Knowledge Management

  • Branded library with cost-effective option for LMS
  • A simple way for managers to track, monitor and distribute your in-house and OEM training data and materials, including videos.

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