Can you provide some examples of how you feel your industry exposure, business background, and experience within CFESA will benefit the board and ultimately, the membership?

I have served the association as a board member, Treasurer, and Vice President for the past 16 years. I have always put member companies ahead of mine when making decisions about the future of CFESA.

Greetings fellow CFESA members,

I know your time is valuable and I also know you get inundated with e-mails that take up a lot of your precious time. I’m hoping you will take a minute or two to read through the contents of this e-mail and consider voting for me for the position of CFESA President in Nashville. As a board member I truly believe in the CFESA Vision and Mission and have always and will continue to put CFESA members interest first. Hopefully with your vote, I can continue to do the same. I am now at the point in my career where I have the proper amount of time and energy to serve as CFESA President.

Work Experience:

· Started career with Appliance Installation & Service Corp in Buffalo, NY as assistant service manager in 1992

· Progressed through my career with Appliance Installation & Service Corp as Service Manager, Branch Manager, Regional Manager, and eventually became co-owner.

· Started stand-alone installation company (Express Commercial Services) and grew it into a very successful operation for over two decades.

· Played a key role in acquisition of a smaller service company (R&W Commercial Service), merger of three companies (Duffy’s Equipment Service, Appliance Installation & Service, Express Commercial services), and sale of merged company to PT Holdings.

· Currently serve as Chairman of Duffy’s – AIS.

As Chairman of Duffy’s – AIS, my role is to be an advisor to the President and also assist/advise other employees where necessary. In this role, I remain involved but am afforded time to work on other passions such as CFESA Installation Trainer, CFESA Education & Training Committee, and CFESA Board member.

CFESA Board of Director Experience:

· Served as general board member for two terms, Treasurer for five terms, and Vice President for one term.

· Served on every available CFESA committee throughout the years.

· Helped guide association through process of vendor-based management to employee-based management.

· As Treasurer, worked with bankers, insurance agents, and builders in order to turn the CFESA World Headquarters and Global Training Facility from a dream into reality.

· As Treasurer spearheaded effort to acquire building and helped President and Executive Director to develop a financial plan and arrange financing. Developed and balanced budget for 12 straight years. Worked with fellow board members and all CFESA members in order to get training facility and expansion to facility paid off in 5 years. Upon completion of Treasurer position, debts were all paid off, funds were secure and accounted for, future budget was created, operating cash was at proper levels, and association finances were strong and ready to meet future needs.

As I sit and think about our upcoming conference in Nashville I remember that I served as Treasurer during our wonderful 50th year awards banquet. I now realize that I have served on the board for every awards banquet since and it would be my great pleasure to serve as President for the upcoming 10th anniversary of those awards, and celebrate 2023 with members as CFESA turns 60! With your vote, I promise to represent you, your company, and CFESA to the best of my abilities.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions at any time at wayne.stoutner@duffyais.com

Sincerely, Wayne Stoutner